Government bureaucrats don’t build businesses! It’s done through the hard work, ingenuity and courage of entrepreneurs who take risks. That’s what leads to success in the business world and creates jobs for people.

But the regulations politicians put in place can create an environment that determines whether a business will be allowed to flourish in a free market economy or whether it will labor under a mountain of burdensome fees, taxes and regulatory costs.

These headwinds keep businesses from growing and creating jobs. When government drives up the cost of doing business with red tape, too often employers are forced to cut back or lay people off. Think: Obamacare.

Comprehensive regulatory reform will help revive Ohio’s economy and create jobs by generating a more jobs-friendly environment.

I support Ohio’s Common Sense Initiative Office (CSI), which was established in 2011 to review the impact of state agency rules on businesses, to help businesses navigate regulatory obstacles, and to partner with agencies on proactive initiatives to make our state friendly to job creators.

CSI was established to create a regulatory framework that promotes economic development, is transparent and responsive to regulated businesses, makes compliance as easy as possible, and provides predictability for businesses.

The General Assembly should offer CSI reviews to local governments for a fee so that they can achieve a similar level of regulatory reform as has been accomplished at the state level.