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Thank you for your support! Below you will find information about myself, the campaign and how you can get involved. Although all types of support are appreciated, voting David Miller for Register of Deeds in the August 4th, 2020 primary election will be key in my advancement to the general election in November. I welcome emails, phone calls and appointments to discuss topics surrounding the campaign and fundraising. I am looking forward to working with all of you now and in the future to make Saginaw County an even better place to live, work and visit! 

- David

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Who Is David Miller?


David has spent most of his life in Saginaw County, being born and raised in Saginaw, MI. David attended grade, middle, and high school in Bridgeport. After graduation, he continued his education, graduating from Delta College then studying at Saginaw Valley State University. David currently works as a business manager within the county. 


David has always felt a deep concern and responsibility to his community. He has spent many years offering his time at places like his home church and the Saginaw County Animal Care Center. He also works with Saginaw Counties Underground Railroad sponsoring Walk-A-Mile events, Adopt a Family programs, general volunteering, and has even spent time serving on their Board of Directors.  For the past 13 years, David has been a children's advocate in Reformers Unanimous, an addictions recovery program that brings hope and opportunity to many families across Saginaw and beyond! 

David is extremely passionate about family and togetherness. All of his loved ones hail from Saginaw County, many still are local. Even as adults, you'll often find David together with his family for holidays, birthdays and any other reason they can think of! He has two nephews whom he especially adores and currently resides in Bridgeport with his rescue Boston Terrier, Tuxedo. 

What Will David Do Differently?


What does the Register of Deeds actually do? Where is the annual budget, approximately $600,000, actually going? Why are there so many fees and can we change that? How is the Register of Deeds actually important to the everyday tax payers in Saginaw County?

 As Register of Deeds, David will create resources that are easy to understand and are available in many forms so that we have transparency around how our tax dollars are being utilized to benefit us!


Ensuring the department is running at top efficiency is key to utilizing tax dollars in the best capacity. Re-thinking roles and responsibilities to capitalize on whats going right and course correct where things could use some work will contribute to a fully efficient department. Re-allocating funds into more forward thinking processes and programming will help your tax dollars go even further! 


 The Register of Deeds department is constitutionally mandated and therefore very old! Technology upgrades are necessary in several areas. David will evaluate all operating areas of the department and implement new technology where needed. New technologies can streamline processes, lower operating costs, and create better overall experiences! 



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